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Dudes Football Package

Dudes Football Package

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Introducing the Dudes Gourmet Football Package!! 

We have hand selected the best Dudes to make Football Great again....

And Yes you can win an autographed Football From hall of Fame center Nick Mangold!!

This Starting line is the best way to make sure Sundays don't Suck!

The Line Up!!

The Real Steak Papi- for all the steak and beefs!

Everything Minus The Bagel- Because Dudes Mom makes a killer Dip with it! (video soon) 

Hot F'n Chicken- its not Football without wings Dudes!

Signature Burger- for Bacon Cheeseburger Nachos, and sliders. DUH!

Chili Lime- everyone loves fresh Guacamole and Homemade Tacos!

Seventy Four "Sweet With a Little Heat"- Because you can't have a Dudes football package without including The Dude with the best beard in the Game!!

The Rules are Simple... 

For every Dudes Football Package you buy you get 1 chance to win, so buy as many as you want.... The contest is over when the Jets Win there first game of the season.