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Here Fishy Fishy
Here Fishy Fishy
Here Fishy Fishy
Here Fishy Fishy
Here Fishy Fishy
Here Fishy Fishy

Life's too short to be underseasoned

Here Fishy Fishy


"This seasoning makes every meal taste like I'm at the ocean! It's like a seaside vacation for my taste buds. Whether it's fish, shrimp, or even crab, Here Fishy Fishy nails it."
- Corinne W.

We were constantly being asked for a Completely Salt-Free Fish Seasoning so we created Here Fishy Fishy for a No Salt Seasoning that doesn't suck.

From the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia comes this delightful spice blend. Used by Brazilian chefs this blend is complex, distinctive and versatile and is used to season broth, chicken, fish, soups, stews and vegetables. I've even used it in my scrambled eggs. It can instantly transform a boring dish into a wonderful flavor experience that you would expect to find in Rio de Janeiro.

"Sail Away to Flavor Paradise"

"Every time I use Here Fishy Fishy, it feels like I'm sailing away to flavor paradise. It's the perfect blend of spices for seafood lovers. Five stars well-deserved!"
- Courtney D. 

"More Than Just a Seafood Seasoning"

"Don't be fooled by the name; Here Fishy Fishy is more than just a seafood seasoning. It's a versatile flavor enhancer that makes all my meals pop with taste!"
- Zoe R. 

"Hooked on Here Fishy Fishy!"

"I'm absolutely hooked on Here Fishy Fishy! This seasoning adds a burst of coastal flavor to all my seafood dishes. It's become a kitchen staple, and I couldn't be happier."
- Carmen F.

"Flavor Fusion at Its Best"

"I'm all about flavor fusion, and this seasoning nails it. It elevates my dishes to a whole new level. Here Fishy Fishy adds that extra 'wow' factor that my family loves."
- Hayden B.

"Not Just for Fish Lovers"

"I'm not the biggest fish lover, but I adore this seasoning. It's not just for fish; it transforms my veggies and rice into something truly special. Highly recommended!"
- David V.



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