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The Dude Behind It All!

The Founder of Dudes Gourmet has a unique take on food with an extreme attention to detail. His love for food started at an early age in his father's restaurants, since then Tom has been cooking in some of the most cutting edge restaurants and private clubs around. No matter if you're ordering a lunch sandwich or one of the most exotic seafood dishes, the flavor and technique used will blow you away.

After years of playing nice in the corporate sandbox, Tom decided to create Dudes Gourmet. This didn't just happen overnight. We searched and tested herbs and spices from all over the world to come up with these All Natural Hand-Blended Seasonings. You read that right! All natural meaning no filler.

Not only did we make sure we had the best ingredients, we made it our promise to never cut on quality! We dare you to pick up one of our bottles, and compare the ingredients to whatever you have in the pantry now. Our blends are hand crafted to blow your tastebuds away!

Tom takes a realistic approach while teaching in his cooking videos. He understands that not everyone has all the crazy equipment you would find in a commercial kitchen, which is why we film in his home kitchen. He uses basic techniques that anyone can perform in their own kitchens. His goal with Dudes Gourmet was to simply help home chefs create great meals for friends and family.

Order some of our All Natural Seasonings and experience the quality and taste that take your meals to the next level.