Blackened Octopus over white Bean Humus. – Dudes Gourmet


Blackened Octopus over white Bean Humus.

I absolutely love octopus, but sometimes its hard to get a really good piece. Gullo Speciality foods does all the hard work for you. all you have to do is defrost it and sear it off!

this Dish is super Easy... here's a list of what your Gunna need!

  1. Octopus 
  2. white bean humus
  3. Dudes Blackened Seasoning
  4. Tasman Smoked Sea Salt  
  5. Chorizo
  6. white Onion
  7. Garlic 
  8. Olive Oil 
  9. Capers
  10. Parsley
  11. Radish (optional)

First you want to make sure you get your Octopus super dry. (this is super important, your octopus will be chewy and or slimy if its not dry.)

Next your going to want to take a skewer and Manipulate the Octopus in the shape you would like to plate it. (I usually do pin wheels)

then you  want to season it with Your Dudes Blackened Seasoning, and set it off to the side.

then you want to start pan frying your Chorizo, Garlic, and White Onion. When you start to get some color on them throw in your capers and set it off to the side.

When your grill pan is smoking you can Put in your octopus pinwheels. I also add some weight on top to make sure I get a nice char on it. let it cook on each side for 2 Mins.

Now its time to Plate.

on the bottom of the plate spread your Humus, then take a nice scoop of your Chorizo, onion, garlic, and caper mixture, and scoop in on the bottom.

Then add your Octopus, then some more of your Chorizo mixture, your fresh parsley, some radishes, them smoked sea salt, and olive oil... 

if your get caught up go ahead and click the link below to watch a video!