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Flippin Chicken Salad

Today we are talking salads that aren't boring and don't suck! Were gonna Flip the Bird to all those extra COVID Lbs with this delicious Salad! 

If I am being honest... This salad is so unique and different, I could probably eat it a few times a week by just changing up the protein. (see below for other protein options)

So let us start with the Chicken...  

I went and grabbed a 10 oz chicken breast, and then I put it in a Zip-Lock bag to reduce chicken splatter, I then took my meat hammer and got my chicken as this as I possibly could with minimal tearing.

After removing the chicken from the bag, I smothered it in mayonnaise. Now it was time for our Dudes Flippin The Bird Seasoning. I proceeded to shake my Dudes all over the chicken and then moved it into a hot grill pan. (you can also use a barbeque if you like) This is going to cook fast, about 3.5 mins a side.

While your chicken is on the girl you can start getting the salad ready.

Red leaf Romaine is my favorite... so if i make a salad this is usually my base.

Cut your greens into your preferred size. I like my salads chopped pretty fine.

when you are done toss it into a mixing bowl. 

now slice 1/3 of a red onion thinly into strips

half about 20 cherry tomatoes

turn 5 raddishes into match sticks

grab a handful of nuts... I like smoked almonds.

when you have everything toss it in the bowl with your greens. Now, wait for the chicken to finish cooking.

When your chicken is done cooking grab a plate so we can start building our Dudes Flippin Chicken Salad.

Place your chicken on the plate.

now grab your mixing bowl and add 3 Tbs of your favorite olive oil and some aged balsamic, now get your hands in there and mix it up.

Now take a hand full and put it on top of your chicken.

the final step is to top it off with your Favorite Sea salt... I'm always using Tasman!

This Salad is a great starting point if you wanna eat healthily. If you're feeling lazy you can have a big container of the salad mix in the fridge and dress it as you need. I tend to make enough salad for around 3-4 portions, and ill eat it a few times a week. You can also have your proteins ready and make #healthy salads for lunch all week.

~Other Protein options~

Pork-With Dudes Signature Pork Seasoning

Steak-With Dudes Cow Tipping Seasoning

Shrimp-With Dudes Mojo Seasoning

Salmon-With Dudes Wild for Salmon Seasoning

Eggs-With Dudes Bourbon Maple Hops 

If you cant figure it out.... Watch the video below!

Always #shakeyourdudes responsibly!