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Happy Clams in Beer Broth

Nothing screams summer to me like local clams in a nice Boozy broth! So today I'm letting you guys know my secret recipe for Happy Clams! Everyone has there own way to make clams, this is mine, and its the best because we're steaming them in some of Jimmy Buffets beer! 
This Recipe is good for all my rookies out there that just want to drink some beers and eat some clams!
First, you need to get a pan Ripping hot with some olive oil. (about 1tsp)
next, you're going to add 4 strips of chopped bacon
3 crushed garlic cloves, and 1 chopped Shallot. 
let that render down until your bacon is nice and crispy! 
When your bacon is ready were going to add some Chopped Celery and half of a Habanero pepper. (take the seeds out! and make sure you wash your hands before you take a piss! it burns to trust your Dude)
Now we're going to add a healthy Shake from our Dudes Gulf Coast Seasoning and let those flavors get to know each other! Here is where things start to smell Great!
Now toss your clams in. 1-3 dozen depending on the size of your pan.
get those clams nice and hot for about thirty seconds, then add some beer, half for the clams, and a half for you!
After you chug that beer throw 2 tbs of butter in with the clams, and micro plane some lemon on top.
Now cover and wait for your clams to open!
While your waiting, open another beer and squeeze half a lemon in our clams.
also get some kinda toast going to soak up that delicious broth your making! 
when the clams are open they are ready to serve! (disregard all the clams that haven't opened. you don't wanna get anyone sick)
I like to serve these in a cast-iron skillet, I think it looks really nice! Clams first then broth on top! 
Then sprinkle some parsley over the top!
if you get caught up click below and watch the video!
These are going to be spicy and boozy all at the same time. If you like really spicy you can add the entire Habanero. These clams are a great start to a summer barbeque or a beach gathering, super easy but still super delicious!