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Honey Chipotle Breakfast Quesadilla

Ok I know we all have had some long nights. This hangover Curing breakfast quesadilla will definitely help you get moving after a long night of drinking with your friends, and kids love them too! 

Ok for this you are going to need to finely chop 1/4 of the following vegetables.

Red onion, green pepper, red, pepper. 

Then we're going to throw them into a pan on high heat until everything is golden brown. Now we need to pick some protein. (I like using ham and prosciutto) but you can really use anything you want. Chop your protein and get them in the pan with the vegetables. 

When everything looks nice and crispy pour in your 4 beaten eggs, and mix until 3/4 cooked. now shake in some Dudes Honey Chipotle Seasoning and fold until your eggs are cooked completely!

Now grab a bowl and empty the pan.

Drop your tortilla into the pan and drop it to medium heat. Spread the cheese around the tortilla evenly. (I like American and Pepper Jack) load your quesadilla with the egg mix and fold it in half. Then continue to flip the Quesadilla back and forth until its brown and crispy. 

Now you can eat this on the way to work, or you can sit on the couch and enjoy this while Netflixing and recovering from your night out!

~ProTip cut all your vegetables in advance its the most time-consuming part of this recipe and probably the most dangerous when you've been drinking! 

If you have any problems with this recipe click below to watch me do it!