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How to Cook a Delicious Ribeye Steak, The Easy Way!

Today, the Dude is going to teach you how to make a beautiful, delicious ribeye steak using our awesome Dudes Signature Steak Seasoning!

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What You’ll Need:

-Ribeye steak

-Olive oil

-Dudes Signature Steak Seasoning (30% OFF)

-Murray River Salt Flakes

-Meat thermometer

-Your oven





-Butter (about half a stick)


Alright, let’s get started!

  • Cut off the excess fat and place into a pan on low heat to render
    • Cut into small pieces and leave on low in pan until ready to sear steak
  • Lightly coat the steak with olive oil
  • Season ribeye generously with salt and seasoning
  • Place ribeye in oven at 300 degrees, remove at 120 degrees internal temperature (depending on your preference, 120 will be perfect for medium rare)
  • Sear the steak!
    • 1 minute on high each side, using the same pan you’ve been heating up that tallow with, make sure to use the fat!
    • 30 seconds into the first flip, add in thyme, rosemary, butter, and garlic
  • Use a spoon to baste the steak for 1 more minute on each side
  • Let your meat rest for about 8-9 minutes and dig in!

Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be sure to have an amazing steak night!

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