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How to Make DELICIOUS Pork Belly Sliders!!!

Today, The Dude is going to teach you how to make some awesome pork belly sliders with our delicious Dudes Sweet Baby Jesus seasoning.

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What you'll need:

-Pork belly

-Dudes Sweet Baby Jesus (Limited Time 30% OFF!)


-King's Hawaiian Rolls

-Meat thermometer




-Red onion


-Any other veggies you want to use for your slaw!

-Apple cider vinegar

-Olive oil

-Murray River Salt Flakes

OPTIONAL (For spicy mayo sauce)


-Frank's Red Hot

Let's get started!

-Begin by smothering your pork belly in mustard, covering all sides evenly and rubbing it in

-Apply a GENEROUS amount of Sweet Baby Jesus and rub it in, make sure the entire pork belly is coated in seasoning

-Place pork belly in oven (275 degrees) or smoker (225 degrees) and leave until it reaches about 205 internal

-To make our slaw, slice up veggies and mix together with apple cider vinegar, olive oil and salt 

-To make the spicy mayo, simply mix mayo with your favorite hot sauce, we'll be using Frank's Red Hot

-Toast the King's Hawaiian Rolls in the oven

-Cut pork belly into smaller pieces, assemble your sliders, and enjoy!

Follow these simple instructions and you'll be the hero of your next cookout without a doubt!

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