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Korean Style Skirt Steak with Everything Seasoning

Today we're talking about Dinner! I understand that no one wants to cook after a long day of work! Well, guess what this recipe is super easy, fast, and delicious! Were making an insane Korean Style Skirt Steak using our Dudes Korean Seasoning and were putting it over some Grilled Baby Bok Choy that we finish with some Dudes Everything minus the Bagel Seasoning! The best part about this meal is you can prep it up to two days in advance so its faster when you come home! Start to finish this should only take about 20 mins!

First things first here! We're going to cut our steaks into manageable pieces. I use a 10 inch grill pan so mine are cut a little smaller then that!

Next, Grab a ziplock bag and throw your meat inside!

Next, add 1 Tablespoon of your favorite teriyaki sauce, and shake your Dudes Korean Seasoning inside, then start rubbing your meat. Set it aside to let the sauce and seasoning penetrate the meat!

Now grab your Bok Choy! We're gonna Cut those guys vertically and line them up on your cutting board then your gonna need to find some Sesame oil, olive oil, and Tasman Smoked Sea Salt.

Then we're going to brush the Bok Choy with your oils and lightly dust them with your Smoked Sea Salt! Wait for the grill to be smoking hot - no really wait for it to smoke!

Then grill your Baby Boks for around 4 Mins each side! Flip them a few times until they’re where you like them!

Now plate those guys down (make a cool design. I like to cross them over each other) Sprinkle your Dudes Everything Minus the Bagel Seasoning on top, and add some small drops of Sriracha.

Now its time for your Skirt Steak! Drop those steaks Down on the grill! Skirt steak only needs 2-3 Mins per side! So don’t go anywhere! Flip them one time and then Drape them over your Baby Bok Choy!

If you can find some Scallions to garnish them with more power to you, if not all good! If this takes you more then 20 Mins you’re doing something wrong!

Having trouble? Just watch the video below I'll help you out Dude!

This is a great meal to have prepped in advance. You can have your meat marinated for up to two days!

This is also a good starting point for rookie cooks that are trying to impress a girl or just not trying to eat garbage all the time! You can also totally chop your steak and Bok Choy to make some Killer Tacos!