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Pan Seared Blackened Salmon

This is one of the harder ways to prepare Salmon but in my opinion seared salmon is the tastiest and my personal favorite. 

All you needs for this is some great quality salmon from 

To prepare the fish you're going to to need to score the back. Three shallow cuts will work on the skin side of your salmon. Then shake your Dudes Blackened on the salmon to your liking. Then when your pan is smoking add a small amount of oil to your pan and gently place your salmon in the pan face down.  Let it cook on medium low heat for 4 minutes a side. Then remove the salmon and get ready for your sauce.

The sauce is easy it's 2 chopped anchovy filets, a handful of halved cherry tomatoes, finely chopped shallots, or red onion, some capers, and two tablespoons off butter.

Cook your sauce until the tomatoes release some water and become wilted, then cut the heat and add the butter. Whisk the sauce until the butter becomes thick and creamy.  Now pour over your salmon and garnish with scallions.

if you have any trouble just follow the video below.