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Quick and Tasty Tuna Sashimi Pizza

Today's recipe is a quick and tasty Tuna Sashimi pizza! Make sure your using Sushi Grade Tuna! if you have trouble finding good Tuna use my friends over at Fishfoodies.Ok

What you need

  1. Toasted Tortillas
  2. Sushi Grade tuna
  3. Guacamole
  4. Red Onion
  5. Jalapeno
  6. Black olives
  7. Fresh picked Cilantro
  8. Scallions
  9. Dudes Everything Minus the Bagel Seasoning
  10. a sharp knife!

The spicy mayo is easy. Combine equal parts Mayo, Sriracha, and Sesame oil. Shake hard, or mix wisk in a bowl until combined.your making a pizza Start with the Guacamole and work your way up! 

if you can't figure it out watch the video below.