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Steak Papi
Steak Papi
Steak Papi
Steak Papi

Life's too short to be underseasoned

Steak Papi


Dude's Steak Papi is not just delicious, it's also versatile. I use it on steak, chicken, pork, and even roasted veggies. It's a seasoning that adds Mexican flair to all your dishes.
-Chris B.

Dude's Steak Papi is our new Spanish inspired Steak Seasoning!! Grab your meat, and Season away!!

The ideal balance of earthy flavor from the cumin, Mexican oregano and Spanish paprika with just enough subtle heat from the ancho and de arbol chilies.

Perfect for a skirt steak, tacos, or even scrambled eggs!


"Elevate Your Steak Game!"

Dude's Steak Papi is the key to elevating your steak game. The combination of Mexican spices adds a delightful kick and depth of flavor to your steak. It's my secret weapon for impressing guests at BBQs.
- Dave T. 

"A Must-Have for Mexican Cuisine Lovers!"

If you're a fan of Mexican cuisine, Dude's Steak Papi is a must-have. It captures the essence of Mexican flavors and brings them to your steak. It's the secret ingredient that makes my tacos and burritos truly authentic.
- Raheem V.

"Five-Star Flavor!"

This stuff deserves every star in the galaxy. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out!!!
- Jeff V.

"Worth Every Penny!"

This seasoning is worth every penny. This stuff is so good on steak and everything else I've tried it on! This seasoning never disappoints!
- Rocko M.

"Must Try"

I bought this as a gift for my husband and we've been putting it on everything ever since!
- Laura I.



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